Web App (PaaS) Accelerator: 4 Wk Implementation


With this offer, Ibexlabs helps design and implement the migration of traditional on-premise web application workloads to the Microsoft Azure Application Service Environment.

This solution is perfect for any organization that is looking for a managed platform that can run in an isolated and secure environment along with horizontally scaling stateless applications with high requests per second.

With this solution, Ibexlabs helps our clients to modernize applications using Microsoft Azure App Service (PaaS) and take advantage of the security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness provided by Azure without changing the way they’re used to doing business. These services can seamlessly work as an extension of an on-premise data center.


Designing model to satisfy internal compliance or security requirements. Network isolated application hosting along with security controls using network security groups.

Multiple layers of firewalls and intrusion detection services work 24/7 to keep your data safe. With automated compliance updates, your network will never fall out of regulatory guidelines, including HIPAA, PCI, and more.


-Infrastructure design, planning, and implementation documentation on internal web applications to application service environments. -Provide expertise and directions on modernizing applications from traditional web and database platforms to using Microsoft managed PaaS services like Webapps App Service or inside an isolated App Service Environment (ASE) -Provide overall migration plan, estimate, and timelines -Define security structure and provide compliance assessment for the final infrastructure -A highly available private network capable of hosting private and public environments, as well as applications. -Seamless integration with existing On-Premise Networks and Azure VNets. -Automated deployment of all resources using CI/CD pipeline -Integration with Cloud security tools (cloud management platform) -Centralized auditing and compliance controls. -Connectivity provided to existing Express Route or site-to-site VPN connection