IBM Consulting Global Connected Edge IoT Solutions on Azure

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Build Smarter Operations with Computer Vision, Connected Devices and Digital Twins using IBM Services for Connected Edge Solutions on Azure

Intelligent plants, warehouses, packaging and distribution centers are created by leveraging potent combinations spanning Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the IoT, Edge Computing, Cloud, 5G, and Digital Twins to transform their operations.

IBM’s Connected Edge Solutions (CES) on Azure provides:

  1. Assets and solutions that allow “smart” devices to deliver new insights and build holistic view of environment

  2. Enables rapid prototyping and production scaling utilizing our expertise in AI, Edge and Cloud computing

  3. Yield extraordinary efficiency and cost savings using two complimentary offerings described below

EdgeVision on Azure

This offering includes end to end solution components integrating Camera Systems, Computer Vision based AI, Edge and Cloud Computing for Manufacturing, Packaging, Warehouse and Security applications.

• Reference Architecture engineered with experience and tested to perfection for various use case patterns

• Code framework, accelerators for faster development cycles and IBM Research’s SDK to make AI work efficiently on the Edge.

• Device advisory and consulting services

• Integration with ERP, PowerApp and PoweBI systems to automate end-to-end data reporting.

Digital Twin on Azure

Digital Twin provides a dynamic, virtual simulation using real-world data to enhance operations and support human decision making. IBM offering covers

• Model, simulate, test, and optimize assets, operations, and processes

• Digital Twin Knowledge Graph that provides a Digital Thread across many information systems

• IBM + Unity for all-in-one platform for creating and operating 2D, 3D and VR apps at speed.

• Intelligent workflows across OT and IT systems

Business Benefits:

10% increase in yield and operational efficiency

15% increase in asset life

20-25% reduction in safety incidents