IBM Data Modernization on Azure

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"Design and Build" -> "Migrate" -> "Run and Operate" a state-of-the-art Azure data platform using IBM's architecture design and accelerators to manage every aspect of datascience lifecycle.

The “Data Modernization on Azure” offering from IBM Services can help enterprises build a state-of-the-art data processing platform and solution that is ready for every aspect of Datascience and Analytics (Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive and Cognitive).

Our offering packs months of engineering and experience from several client implementations to bring an architecture design and accelerators which helps with entire lifecycle of Azure Data Platform ranging from "Design and Build" -> "Migrate" -> "Run and Operate".

It provides:

Engineered Design − A well-engineered functional and technical architecture − Technical accelerators to spin up resource instances

Infuse Speed, Efficiency and Cost Savings − Migration Due-Diligence − 15+ Technical Accelerators: Pre-built and Configurable end-to-end data pipelines; Monitor and Optimize resource consumption; Improve PowerBI performance etc

Run Transformational Workload − Supports pipelines and provides accelerators for: AI+ML workloads, Structured and Unstructured data flow for Intelligent Workflows; IoT data for Connected Edge Solutions on Azure

Key Benefits: Reduce Complexity: 60-80% reduction in ETL jobs and tables resulting in lesser compute and storage

Faster time to value: 40% reduced time to productionize new business use case

Cost Savings: 40%+ on infrastructure and resources

Faster performance of analytics workloads