IBM Security Services for Cloud Native Controls

IBM Security Services

Simplify the configuration and management of cloud native security controls . Ensure the proper security controls are in place across your Microsoft Azure environment.

IBM Security delivers comprehensive, consistent management and configuration of cloud native security controls by leveraging expertise with security standards. Configuring and managing security controls built into the cloud platform – or platforms – you rely upon can be incredibly challenging, even for the most mature IT/security teams. If you’re struggling with the adoption, configuration, or management of cloud native security controls, IBM Security can help: –Simpler, faster implementation of security standards based on pre-built architecture patterns and blueprints to meet your compliance needs –Proactive monitoring and response of cloud native telemetry, alerts, and threats to your organization –Management and governance of core cloud native controls, as well as security maturity, threat recommendations, and periodic assessments

Key deliverables and value

Secure architecture foundations –Industry-focused, custom built deployment templates to architect secure landing zones

Cloud native monitoring –Continuous monitoring of misconfigurations, threats and vulnerabilities, including remediation services –Policy alignment and log management for audits and forensics –Security insights and recommendations

Cloud native management –Troubleshooting and overall controls management across network, web, data, identity, and compliance –Define and monitor security KPIs aligned to business objectives –Quarterly review of notable events, metric health, and overall secure posture improvement

Why IBM Security? –Cloud and vendor-agnostic consulting and managed security services that provide centralized visibility, management, and monitoring of security operations across hybrid multi-cloud environments –Comprehensive cloud strategy and risk consulting capabilities coupled with leading cloud deployment and managed security operations expertise –Leader in 15 security segments with 8,000+ security employees and 20+ security acquisitions –Over 1,000 Azure certified consulting professionals including security specialists