IBM Threat Management with Microsoft’s SAP Threat Monitoring Solution for Microsoft Azure

IBM Security Services

Consulting and managed security services from IBM Security supporting Microsoft Defender, Azure Sentinel, and the SAP Threat Monitoring solution for Sentinel

SAP applications are business-critical, and an SAP security breach can be catastrophic. Yet, protecting SAP applications is uniquely challenging.

SAP systems are growing in complexity as organizations expand them beyond base capabilities, making them vulnerable not only to outside attacks but also insider threats, which means that threats can emerge across multiple modules, making cross-correlation especially important.

It has been traditionally very difficult for security operations (SecOps) teams to effectively monitor SAP due to the unique nature of the SAP ecosystems and the expertise they require.

Microsoft set out to meet this challenge with the SAP threat monitoring solution for Azure Sentinel. The solution provides continuous threat detection and analytics for SAP systems deployed on Azure, in other clouds, or on-premises. Now, SecOps teams can use Azure Sentinel’s visibility, threat detection, and investigation tools to protect their SAP systems and cross-correlate across their entire organization.

Microsoft & IBM Security - Better together Combining Microsoft’s SAP threat monitoring solution for Azure Sentinel with IBM Security's X-Force Threat Management Service (XFTM) provides your organization with continuous, up-to-date threat detection and analytics for SAP systems deployed on Azure, in other clouds, or on-premises.

XFTM is an end-to-end threat management program that provides integrated services across each function of the NIST Cybersecurity framework. Powered by analyst-recognized expertise, globally curated X-Force threat intelligence and AI-driven managed security services that directly integrate with the Microsoft Azure Sentinel & Microsoft Defender for Endpoint platforms, XFTM extends native Microsoft Azure capabilities to deliver turnkey 24/7 managed prevention, detection and response.

Globally available with regional delivery capabilities, XFTM provides market-leading consulting & systems integration, offensive security, incident response, cloud and managed security services aligned to NIST CSF to help clients programmatically grow and transform enterprise security operations.

XFTM services can vary both in duration and engagement type. Actual fee will vary depending upon scope. Each customer’s requirements and maturity are uniquely considered to determine the applicable approach, which may consist of:

  • Cloud security consulting services to uncover your hybrid multicloud strategy
  • Consulting services for the assessment, design, implementation and alignment of Azure native controls with enterprise security operations
  • Design and build of hybrid multicloud security operations centers powered by MS Defender & Azure Sentinel stack
  • 24/7 Managed Security Services; build a managed extended detection and response solution over time

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