IBM Security Services X-Force Red Cloud Offensive Testing Services

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X-Force Red Cloud Testing Security Services offers offensive security services which include penetration testing, vulnerability management services, red teaming, code reviews, and static analysis.

IBM Security Services X-Force Red Cloud Testing Services can uncover and help fix cloud vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that may expose your most valuable data to attackers. With more companies moving to public, hybrid or multi-cloud environments, misconfigured cloud services and assets become more commonplace. Developers who focus on delivering a production application under strict deadlines, may use suboptimal coding practices (such as poor secrets management) or fail to enforce the principle of least privileges. Many companies also incorrectly assume their Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are responsible for building security into their products. While CSPs offer security tools for their customers, those controls are not one-size-fits-all and are not tailored “out-of-the-box” to protect each company’s unique requirements around data protection. This is true even in cases where cloud services are provided as a fully managed offering (PaaS) by a CSP, where security controls may be included as part of the service, however, companies may not be configuring them properly.

X-Force Red is an autonomous team of veteran hackers, within IBM Security, hired to break into organizations and uncover risky vulnerabilities that criminal attackers may use for personal gain. Our goal is to help security leaders identify and remediate security flaws, covering their entire digital and physical ecosystem.

X-Force Red can complement your in-house team as the X-Force Red performs adversary simulation exercises for many of the world’s largest organizations that have mature testing programs and internal red teams

Brings unique tooling and experience testing industry peers

Leverages experience to bring a new perspective and different testing skills to augment the internal team’s capabilities

Performs knowledge sharing with internal team

Brings a third-party perspective that doesn’t have background knowledge of the environment; has no assumptions about staff and technologies

Provides perspective of how an advanced external adversary would perform intel gathering and different post exploitation TTPs against the environment, separate from the knowledge the internal team has already gained

The X-Force Red Portal gives security leaders one place to view their vulnerability data, schedule/change tests and share information with each other and testers.

One view of test progress and findings keeps security and testing teams on the same page

Agility in testing scope; Can change testing scope without re-signing contracts

Flexible scheduling means customers schedule tests based on their preferred timeframe

Comprehensive report findings, evidence and remediation recommendations are conveniently hosted for easy, always-on access


Our unified approach provides a centralized service to:

Identify cloud assets

Uncover vulnerabilities and manage the remediation effort across multiple teams & locations.

Asset inventory & vulnerability management

Continually discover & prioritize cloud assets that matter to most to your organization.

Built by hackers

Vulnerabilities prioritized based on an attacker mindset - how attackers could use them, if they are exploiting them, what they could access and how difficult it would be.

Wide-range of expertise

Test networks, applications and personnel to uncover and fix vulnerabilities exposing your cloud environment to attackers

X-Force® Red Portal

Schedule, change scope, view findings and recommendations from one location


Subscription model with monthly fixed rate