IBM X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services for Azure and Hybrid Cloud

IBM Security Services

Identifying, prioritizing and remediating the vulnerabilities that matter most.

X-Force Red VMS includes vulnerability scanning services, automated prioritization, and remediation management to help ensure the highest risk vulnerabilities exposing the internal and external AWS and hybrid cloud infrastructure are fixed.

IBM Security X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) works with you to identify your most critical Azure and hybrid cloud IT systems, tune scanners to assess your internal and external network infrastructure, prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities exposing those systems and remediate those vulnerabilities in a systematic, “light lifting” fashion. X-Force Red VMS provides a simple packaged solution that covers deployment of any scanning platform, as well as automated prioritization and remediation management services. Bring your own license, or work with us to secure licensing, and IBM Security will guide you through onboarding, setup and optimization of the scanning service, so that you can gain value from the results as quickly as possible.

X-Force Red VMS is a component of industry-leading IBM Security X-Force Threat Management Services (XFTM), which provides end-to-end threat management and recovery designed for Azure. XFTM supports Azure native security and centralizes visibility for hybrid cloud environments.


  • Automatically rank vulnerabilities within minutes based on weaponization and asset value. Remove false positives, allowing security teams to spend time on what matters most.
  • Comply with regulatory mandates and compliance requirements such as GDPR and PCI DSS. Data is provided in a ready-to-use format, speeding time to submission with your preferred Qualified Security Assessor.
  • Complements the broader IBM Security Services for AWS portfolio, such as penetration testing and adversary simulation services with X-Force Red, data integration with IBM Threat Management Operations Consulting Services, asset insights for X-Force Threat Management (XFTM), inputs for compliance requirements with IBM Security Strategy Risk and Compliance Services and more.

IBM Security's X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services can vary both in duration and engagement type. Actual fee will vary depending upon scope. Each customer’s requirements and maturity are uniquely considered to determine the applicable approach. On average, our full Vulnerability Management Service is $303,600/year for up to 35,000 assets.

X-Force Red is an autonomous team of veteran hackers, within IBM Security, hired to break into organizations and uncover risky vulnerabilities that criminal attackers may use for personal gain.

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