IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS: 1-Hour Briefing

IBM Software

Backup and archival of mainframe data to Azure Blob Storage

IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS (CTC) provides a software-defined virtual tape emulation capability that can replace the need for local/virtual tape devices and enables tape data to be easily copied to Azure Blob Storage.

This creates the advantage of maintaining economic flexibility through a consolidated archival strategy while allowing for easy and quick data recall in recovery scenarios. It also helps reduce risk by eliminating mistakes resulting from physical handling and by ensuring data is spread across multiple geographies in an encrypted manner. Thereby, CTC paired with Azure Blob Storage can reduce cost and increase business agility for mainframe enterprises.

CTC requires no complicated gateway hardware devices to purchase, configure, and/or maintain – rather, it directly connects with Azure Blob Storage environments. If your organization can benefit from tiering cold mainframe data to low cost Azure object storage, explore more below.