Azure Sentinel: 5-Day Implementation

Ibn Technologies Ltd

The Azure Sentinel Implementation is a comprehensive Professional Services package offered by CloudIBN. This package includes the design, deployment, and fine-tuning of the Azure Sentinel

The 5-day implementation package for Azure Sentinel SIEM comprises the following services: 1.Evaluate the existing customer infrastructure and identify the log sources to be incorporated into the Sentinel deployment. 2.Establish and set up the Azure Sentinel cloud instance within the customer's Azure subscription. 3.Provide assistance in onboarding on-premises log sources (Considering 25 Devices) 4.Offer guidance to the customer on optimizing Azure log volume and managing costs effectively. 5. Implement Sentinel alert rules based on the Managed Sentinel Inc. Alert Catalog. 6.Perform initial tuning of Sentinel alert rules. 7.Configure Sentinel playbooks with a focus on email alerting functionality. 8.Deploy the Firegen Threat Intelligence feed and integrate it with Sentinel alert rules. 9.Project Sign-off and Handover •As-built documentation •Project sign-off and handover 10.Option for Client to Sign up with IBN for SOC Services