Azure Migration Assessment : 10 Days Assessment

Ibn Technologies Ltd

CloudIBN, an ISO 9001:2008 & 27001:2013 certified company provides detailed Azure migration assessment to your IT team which will help you to scale your migration efforts more efficiently.

Cloud migration involves significant organizational change management spanning people, process, and technology. Understanding the impact of a move to the cloud is vital for both your company’s operational efficiencies as well as its bottom line. Taking a holistic approach in journey of cloud migration will not only help you navigate the journey successfully but also ensure that your organization realizes new benefits including efficiency, agility, and scale once your workloads are running in the cloud.

Learn how to move your apps, data, and infrastructure to Azure using a proven cloud migration approach. Plus, find cloud migration tools and guidance to help you accelerate your journey and move with confidence.

Upfront training investment to your IT team helps you to scale your migration efforts more efficiently and set up your organization for success.

Scope of Azure Migration Assessment:
  • Defining Migration strategy.
  • Discover and assess your apps, databases, and infrastructure.
  • Break up your overall plan into migration projects, each with a group of related workloads.
  • Decide on a migration or modernization approach.
  • Get insights into your dependencies using automated cloud migration tools.
  • Inventory your infrastructure and get right-sizing guidance.
  • Workload-level cost estimates.
  • Augment your cloud skillset and reduce risk as you migrate.
  • Inventory your infrastructure and assess your on-premises environments.
  • Get right-sizing guidance, workload-level cost estimates, and performance metrics.
  • Calculate total cost of ownership (TCO) to make a business case for migration.
  • Build a holistic migration plan.
  • Engage a cloud migration partner.