MS SQL to Azure Migration : 3 Weeks Implementation

Ibn Technologies Ltd

Migrate your MS SQL database to azure all at once with almost no downtime to maximize performance, availability, and security while reducing cost of infrastructure, maintenance and support

Implementation Steps:
Week 1 –Assessment Phase

  • Current Infrastructure (H/w, S/w Versions, B/w) configurations
  • Document inventory of server(Dev, Test & Prod) & services(SQL, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS)
  • Current MSSQL licensing
  • Utilization data & performance metrics
  • Security & backup strategies
  • How internal & external users are accessing MS SQL
  • Pain areas in Current Infra & expectation on Azure
Week 1 – Solution Design & Documentation Phase
  • Document – MS SQL architecture & migration project plan including advisory based on Azure service platform - IaaS (Standalone/Active- Passive) or PaaS (Tier/Type/Instance /Purchase model)
  • Propose workload &infra sizing for target environment based on performance metrics
  • Provide Azure estimated consumption & other components
  • Propose MS SQL licensing strategy
  • Create Azure subscription
Week 2 – Setup of Azure Infrastructure
  • Create, deploy & harden Azure Infra(Win server if IaaS)
  • Install, configure & optimize MS SQL
  • Create & configure Azure backup, Anti-Virus, Azure security & network
  • Configure VPN if needed
Week 2 – Pilot Migration
  • Migrate DB using best migration tools
  • Configure HA & DR
  • Assist client apps to connect to Azure SQL
  • Client users will test Azure SQL environment
  • Setup MS SQL monitoring/alerts & security infra
  • Testing - Restore backups
Week 3 –Migration & Handover
  • Migrate live production MS SQL DB with min or no downtime
  • Monitor SQL infra after going live for 2 days
  • Handover of Azure MS SQL environment & sign up for CloudIBN Managed Services & DBA support (Optional)
  • Price provided for 2 MS SQL DB migration with data size less than 500 Gb
  • Migrate to Same MS SQL version or higher (if passes compatibility checks)