Datalake Pilot: 3-wk Proof of Concept

ICT Group

Kick off your journey to become data driven together with ICT Group!  

Many of today’s devices and machines are fitted with data-generating sensors and IT systems store data locally. In most cases, the potential benefits of using this data in your organization are huge. Although this is great news, it may also have a discouraging effect, because with all the options available you may not be able to see the wood for the trees preventing you from gaining a competitive advantage.

Together with ICT Netherlands you can kick off your journey to become data driven by leveraging the power of MS tooling and the cloud.

Key Benefits:

  • Guidance on the next steps towards becoming data-driven.
  • Easy to use centralized data storage in Azure.
  • Deep industry expertise in logistics, industry and agriculture.
  • Quick and pragmatic approach to data analytics.

Delivery steps:

  • Quick scan (1 day) - Executing a quick scan of all relevant data sources giving you valuable insights into the potential architecture of your landscape.
  • Data centralization (1 week - depending on scope) by collecting all relevant sources for the use case within the an Azure cloud environment.
  • Implementation of first usecase (2 weeks - depending on scope) - agile delivery of valuable insights using Power BI.


  • A tailored Azure cloud ready architecture.
  • Use case delivery creating insights using analytics tools such as Power BI, Azure Data Factorty & Azure Data Lake Storage.