digitalNXT Search:6-Weeks Proof of Concept

ICT Group

knowledge mining - empowering organizations to harness a wide variety of content with applied intelligence, dramatically reducing time to market and unlocking new insights

digitalNXT Search an open platform in the Cloud that makes enterprise data accessible and manageable across subsidiaries, divisions and systems. You can find digitalNXT Search high level architecture below, with the following Azure Services in place: Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Logic Apps, Azure App Services, Azure Search Indexer, Azure Kubernetes Services managed AI Logic Containers and Power BI Premium.

During our Acceleration program we deliver a Proof of Concept in 6 weeks with the following steps:

Step one: Reach out to OrangeNXT digitalNXT Search team to schedule a free 60-90 minutes knowledge transfer in order to:

  • Identify the customer needs and use case, with an estimate on the initial size of the PoV;
  • Confirm at high level ROI and ADS consumption;
  • Confirm offering fit for the customer’s needs;
  • Agree on a high-level timeline and OrangeNXT resources availability.

Step two: Organize a free 60-90 minutes scope validation with the customer in order to:

  • Confirm use case fit and PoV size;
  • Validate the customer resource commitment and PoV approach.

Step Three: Once funds approved, start the delivery of the PoV in order to proof business value.