Contract Process Automation Assessment: 1-week Assessment to simplify the way you design and develop custom applications with Microsoft Azure and Power Automate

Idea Entity Corp

Visually illustrate future contract acquisition processes through storyboards.

Combine Idea Entity's Cloud Platform expertise to rapidly drive organizational change through adoption and change management services leveraging Microsoft 365 technologies. The assessment results in a clear understanding of the current challenges within the Procurement area. It helps in defining what a successful future TO-BE model can be, and as a leave behind, you will get visual storyboards that can help with future successful implementation. The assessment is a half-day effort, with questionnaires and whiteboard sessions engaging subject matter experts (SMEs) to understand how the organizational process will evolve to create business success in the short term and long term leveraging Microsoft Azure and Power Automate. The result of the assessment is visual storyboards based on our understanding of the procurement contract process which will be delivered within 5 days from the end of the assessment. This is a $3,500.00 assessment value at no cost to you. We provide the following to help you:

  1. Assess the current AS-IS state of the contracts, procurement process
  2. Bring awareness within the organization – of the current process state, and people
  3. Assist in defining the TO-BE state for your business to succeed
  4. Develop visual storyboards – to show how our approach can improve process outcomes
  5. Roadmap to help with scoping and prioritization of solution execution The business benefits
  • Implemented an enterprise-wide Microsoft 365-based system to capture all Service Contracts and reduce must-pay contracts.
  • Implemented an online Microsoft Office 365 solution to standardize a manual process, with increased visibility into categories, spend, and timelines
  • A value proposition that outlines both long-term and short-term goals as well as a return on investment -Automate repetitive tasks -Bring business-critical data to employees where they need it.