Liquid C2 Infrastructure Assessment- 3 weeks

Liquid Telecommunications Operations Limited

Take an in-depth look at your existing IT infrastructure, apps and workflows.

Helping you plan for the future

Our expert Cloud Managed Services team partners with you to really understand your organisation’s strategic goals, analyse your existing IT environment and outline the best way forward for your business in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Infrastructure Assessment in 3 steps

  1. Assess and Discover Through close consultation, we capture your business’ strategic goals and IT deliverables. We also gather accurate data from your IT environment to gain a detailed view of your current infrastructure, applications and business workflow.

  2. Decide and Plan We evaluate this data to assess alignment with your business strategy, while also identifying your existing system’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, we create a detailed cloud infrastructure design, along with a migration plan and timelines that outline your organisation’s journey to the cloud.

  3. Evaluate and Migrate We present a business case highlighting the migration benefits and investment, and how this aligns with your strategic objectives. The process ends with a detailed roadmap of your organisation’s cloud journey, setting you up for the next phase.

Benefits and features

  1. Prioritise server workloads We help you select and prioritise your current server workloads and applications to transition to the Cloud.

  2. Improve operational efficiencies The Cloud offers automation, scalable capacity, agile service creation, application execution efficiency; and efficiency analytics. The benefits of these operational efficiencies drive reduced IT costs.

  3. Better planning of IT expenditure The assessment will accurately determine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your IT resources, including the cost of purchase, implementation and maintenance.

  4. Identify risky legacy IT equipment We’ll help you plan for the replacement or refactoring of faulty or potentially risky legacy equipment before they cause disruptions to your business.