Data Archival on Cloud 1 week POC

IFI Techsolutions

Enabling extension of your on-premises backup, storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud, resulting in reducing cost and complexity, while achieving efficiency and infinite scalability

IFI Techsolutions is a born in cloud  Microsoft Gold Partner  and Cloud Solutions Provider .

IFI Techsolutions have experienced Cloud Experts who will work closely with the customer to provide a well-developed POC. We draw from experiences, helping our clients successfully extend their on-premises backup-archive solutions and look at some of the common pitfalls of extension efforts along with some of the best practices for taking an incremental approach. The solution also include capabilities like auto-tiering, auto-purge, choice of local or global redundancy and secure access.


Phase 1: Engagement Planning

  • Kick-Off meeting,review of your current on-premises file server and finalize the scope of POC with respect to the data to be backed up to cloud.

  • Identify the files/folders on which we can perform the POC.

Phase 2: Data Segregation

  • Discover the number of files/folders present within the file server.

  • Classification of the files/folders to be copied based on the current environment.

Phase 3: Cost Modelling in Azure

  • Provide Azure Subscription for POC.

  • Generate the complete cost of POC.

Phase 4: Environment setup

  • Creating an Azure storage account & Azure data factory.

  • Setting up the on-premises Archive server to facilitate the data capture, processing, compression, and transfer mechanism.

Phase 5: Implementation of Proof of Concept

  • Creating a life-cycle management policy for the Azure storage account to automate the movement of data from Hot tier to Archival storage.

  • Setting up Data Factory runtime integration on the Archive server.

  • Connecting Data Factory to the on-premises file server & Azure storage account.

  • Replicating test files/folders to Azure blob storage.

  • Provide test workaround to the customer for validation of workloads in Azure.

  • Final walkthrough, training & Proof of Concept closure.

Phase 6: Report of Proof of Concept.

  • Generate a detailed report based on POC