InfraAutomation using Terraform 2Wk Implementation

IFI Techsolutions

The results are complete with build traceability, code reviews and test results. Automated CI/CD allows teams to deliver more value, more frequently with better quality.
IFI Techsolutions is a leading cloud solutions and managed services provider that was recognized as a 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist. Founded by former Microsoft executives, IFI Techsolutions has earned Microsoft Azure Advanced Specializations on Windows Server and SQL Server Migration, Modernization of Web Applications and Windows Virtual Desktop. Implementing cloud automation using Terraform in your organization might look like a big transition with complexities and changes to the existing system and processes but not with us. Our team of Certified Cloud Experts will help you every step of the way, providing peace of mind during your business transformation activities. Our implementation offering helps you have a working Azure Terraform model for production which benefits from Terraform DevOps strategies. # Agenda for Implementation ## Phase 1: Kick-off meeting and discussion * Propose to terraform automation plan and deployment solution based on client’s requirements. Plan will include specific scope that will need to be agreed with client to proceed further. * Setup staging and production environments for client’s Infrastructure. ## Phase 2: Production deployment * Generates test code with a consistent approach * Automated build process facilitated by Azure DevOps * Scalable testing architecture through Azure * Measure the quality output of various development teams * Monitor the health of the automation framework ## Phase 3: Post-production * Documentation of new architecture and roadmap. * Final delivery for customer’s review and feedback. * Knowledge Transfer and Final sign–off. ## Deliverables: * Develop a DevOps pipeline strategy * Static Code analysis & technical debt report * Branching/Merging strategy document * Define the different stages we are going to use to structure the work and the builds * Knowledge transfer to your internal teams * Security Scanning report for every build