SQL Transformation 1 Week Proof of Concept

IFI Techsolutions

Get SQL-as-a-Service for a high-performing & unified SQL platform built on industry leading SQL Server engine with limitless scalability, intelligent performance, security and hassle-free maintenance.

IFI Techsolutions is a leading cloud solutions and managed services provider that was recognized as a 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist. Founded by former Microsoft executives, IFI Techsolutions has earned Microsoft Azure Advanced Specializations on Windows Server and SQL Server Migration, Modernization of Web Applications and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Azure offers 3 different SQL Services for customers to host their workloads on the cloud. Our team of cloud experts will help you determine the right SQL service for your applications based on Capability, Performance, Security & High-Availability requirements.

  • SQL Server on VM (IaaS).
  • Azure SQL Database (DBaaS).
  • SQL Managed Instance (SQLaaS).

The POC will include configuring one of these SQL Services & Integration with your application to determine which service of Azure SQL will suit your business requirements.


Phase 1: Kickoff & information Gathering

  • Kickoff meeting to understand the Business requirement
  • Understanding the current or required SQL environment
  • In case of migration, identifying the right database for POC

Phase 2 & 3: Development & Transformation of the Dataset

  • Developing a POC environment
  • Identifying compatibility issues & necessary transformation on the database
  • Sizing & pricing discussion
  • Migrate/create sample POC database & plan application integration

Phase 4 & 5: Integration & Advance Option

  • Support for application integration & Testing
  • Discussion on advanced topics like Disaster Recovery, Built-in Intelligent Security, Monitoring, Encryption, etc.


  • POC Execution Report
  • Architecture Diagram
  • Solution Document
  • Demo showing outcomes, advantages,& future scope