Azure Landing Zone Deployment


Azure Landing Zone Deployment is a consulting service enabling organizations to build an Azure Topology quickly to host new workloads and migrate existing ones.

Azure Landing Zone Deployment

Azure Landing Zone Deployment is an Ignite consulting service consisting of a structured service that will allow a customer to quickly deploy an environment in Microsoft Azure to host new workloads and migrate existing ones.

This topology will incorporate preset configurations according to security best practices and years of experience in the same type of deployments.

Our solution focuses on delivering a fast onboarding and deployment service to Microsoft Azure to let the customer build an express hybrid topology for consuming several cloud services.

Main Use Cases
  • Applications that require high security and comply with regulations, such as financial services, healthcare, and government.

  • Hybrid solutions that it is composed of on-premises and cloud components.

  • Security and Networking virtual appliances require handling traffic between on-premises and cloud components.

  • Critical and urgent customer needs to deploy solutions with a standardized base in Microsoft Azure quickly.