Azure Enterprise Architecture: 2-Week Workshop


An on-site workshop to gather requirements and focus on what infrastructure and/or services are required to deploy an existing software application.

The workshop

  • Our enterprise workshop is for customers needing more than two environments architecting. *

igroup conducts a two-week process which is broken down into one day on-site as a technical workshop with your IT team and a stakeholder, usually between one and five attendees and build the blueprint off-site, and up to nine days building the Architecture report.

The on-site session is delivered by a technical specialist who will conduct a deep dive into your business objectives and software needs, helping gather your requirements and prioritise your goals.


  • Introduction
  • Background (Application/Use of Azure)
  • Azure Goals & Objectives
  • Current Scope
  • Current/Typical Deployment (Non-Azure - Existing Infrastructure)
  • Azure Deployment (New Infrastructure | Scalability)
  • Migration
  • Any other business
  • Next Steps

What do you get out of it?

You’ll receive a report containing a detailed blueprint which can be used to deploy and configure Microsoft cloud technology-Azure Platform.

The report will outline the scope of the project and cover: * Any current architecture * Proposed physical architecture * Specifications e.g. virtual machines, load balancing requirements, performance, scaling, backup, storage etc * Assessment of software application components and dependencies * Pricing options * Next steps