Azure IaaS Proof of Concept: 5-Day


The Proof of Concept is a prototype, a partial implementation of your project, designed specifically to identify or confirm any perceived risks, and mitigate any known risks.

We’ll agree on a scope before starting. This ensures that the POC exercise is worthwhile and tackles any concerns.

Our team will build the prototype within the same conditions of the proposed final project. You’ll have the opportunity to test it with your own users.

What do you get out of it?

We’ll provide a documented summary of the outcomes of the proof of concept and detail any impact this will have on the original Specification/Architecture.

The Proof of Concept allows you to assess if you are over complicating your environment, or not using the full potential of the Azure Services to improve the value to your business/application.

Before making a financial commitment, you can eliminate risks. It’s also a perfect opportunity to test out the proposed architecture, design and experience with your key stakeholders.

We’ll start by understanding the background, your goals and uncertainties/risks to be addressed. Our team will continue to work with you to refine the architecture and blueprint for the PoC environment until it is ready to be deployed. We’ll provide access and assistance during the process, and a summary of outcomes along with any recommendations and proposed changes to address any risks flagged.