App Migration to Azure 10-Day Workshop


App Modernization and Migration to Azure 10-Day Workshop will accelerate your application modernization and migration to Azure. Includes an assessment, application pilot in Azure, and roadmap.

Applications evolve over time. Just like businesses, an application must be evaluated, changed, and possibly be reinvented to take advantage of innovative business practices, new technologies, or to change the operational costs of using the application.

With Imaginet’s 10-Day App Modernization and Migration to Azure Workshop, our Azure Professionals will accelerate your Application Modernization and Migration efforts, while at the same time, adding in the robustness and scalability of cloud technologies.


  • APPLICATION ASSESSMENT (DAY 1-3): Imaginet will lead an evaluation of the business problem solved by an application, what organizations and individuals are affected by the application, infrastructure dependencies, total cost of ownership (TCO) and possible modern architectures that could be applied to the application. As part of the assessment Imaginet will utilize our Cloud Decision Framework to ensure that the legacy application is well suited to Azure.

  • Day 1 Kickoff, Workshop Planning

  • Day 2 App Assessment

  • Day 3 Technical Architecture Assessment

  • APPLICATION PILOT IN AZURE (DAY 4-9): Imaginet will configure the Azure environment for your selected Pilot Application and connect it to your organization’s on premises network. Application changes/code rewrites are performed to allow the app to meet all current business requirements and architected to run within Azure.

  • Day 4 Azure Environment Setup & Configuration

  • Day 5 POC: App Architecture Changes

  • Day 6 & 7 POC: App Code Changes

  • Day 8 & 9 POC: App Deployment & Testing

  • ROADMAP & NEXT STEPS (DAY 10): Once the pilot is complete, Imaginet will provide a roadmap and next steps to migrate and modernize your entire application(s).


  • App POC in Azure
  • Roadmap

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