Sitecore Managed Services

Immeo P/S

Immeo delivers consultancy and managed services to clients, looking to outsource the management and operations of their Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce solutions on Azure

Immeo removes the complexity of architecting, hosting, and maintaining the clients’ Sitecore solutions by offering a professional services team consisting of experienced and certified Sitecore architects, developers as well as certified Microsoft Azure architects and cloud operations engineers. The service is offered to ensure a profitable, secure, and optimal settlement of the clients’ business critical Sitecore solutions and their Azure platform and services. Immeo offers a range of deployment and Azure infrastructure platform options for Sitecore solutions, customized to suit every specific need. The deployment options and their associated service levels will be customized in order to deliver optimal platform and application performance. Immeo’s Sitecore Managed Service offerings are a natural continuation of the provided Sitecore Migration Assessment services, but it is not a prerequisite. Immeo provides a variety of managed services to cover all client needs for Sitecore related management challenges.

Cloud Operations Services Immeo provides Cloud Operations Services with different service level options, depending on the client’s own cloud capabilities and strategic choices. In other words, Immeo - together with the client - determines the appropriate cloud operating model for the current client situation. The cloud operations service consists of 24/7/365 monitoring, a service desk with service, change and incident management handling capabilities and the cloud platform operations, including maintenance and optimization of the Azure platform and services. Additionally, offered services include application performance management, cost optimization and management and service delivery management services.

Application Management Services Immeo provides Application Management Services consisting of further development, support, maintenance and optimization services of the Sitecore application as well as release and deployment management services.