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Data & Advanced Analytics: 2-Week Implementation

InCycle Software

Leveraging InCycle’s proprietary Devops Data Accelerators & Microsoft Azure Data Services, InCycle will provide data strategies and solutions to match your goals.

Wherever your data is, InCycle will unlock its potential. Data is a key asset for any organization seeking to differentiate, improve decision making, increase revenue streams and outperform competitors. Whether it is batch, interactive or real-time data workloads, InCycle data experts will design and implement cutting edge data management solutions delivering actionable and intelligent insights.

InCycle’s proprietary Devops Data Accelerators combined with Azure Services including Data Lake, Data Factory, Cosmos DB, AI & ML etc., will ensure that you not only use the right tools and technologies, but that you build apps faster.

InCycle Data Experts will help define & develop patterns & processes considering the following:

  • Data Source
  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Preparation
  • Model Training
  • Deployment


The result is a common set of tools and the ability to measure and monitor data models. Customers will have the ability to transform data, leverage repeatable scripts and properly store configuration files in source control. Management will be armed with the power to respond quickly to market demands and trends. A sound data strategy and solution allow business leaders to leverage intelligent data.

Note, typical engagements take approximately 2-weeks but projects and costs will vary depending on objectives, data sources, data types and business goals.