Our professional services help IT departments establish a strategy for migrating to Azure cloud. This asset covers six different tracks: from strategy to execution

At Minsait, we offer exceptional App Innovation services on Azure, dedicated to delivering significant value to your business. Our profound expertise in the platform, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges surrounding application modernization, has enabled us to achieve the highest level of partnership with Microsoft (100/100) and be recognized as a strategic Microsoft partner. With our own accelerators and a team of over 1000 Azure Cloud specialists, including 720 certified professionals, we have achieved remarkable success by delivering more than 80 new applications, modernizing 30 existing ones, and successfully breaking 20 monolithic systems. Our approach is grounded on a combination of business and technology key aspects, carefully selecting applications, and defining an effective cloud adoption to minimize risks.

Our value proposition is built upon a holistic approach and is built on the following pillars:

  • Azure Strategy: We leverage our experience, our own Ascendant methodology, and Azure Solution Assessment to help our clients develop an effective and long-term cloud strategy.
  • Modernization Plan: based on the application portfolio within the migration scope, utilizing our own accelerators and Microsoft tools such as Azure Migrate.
  • Cloud Adoption: We provide a comprehensive cloud adoption service, including foundational and landing zone definition, supported by technologies such as Azure Arc to govern that transition.
  • Cloud Architecture: We establish reference and transition architectures based on the Azure Well-Architected Framework and leveraging our extensive expertise.
  • Modernization Execution: We have a proven track record of delivering solutions in Lift&Shift scenarios with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), as well as application transformation with Azure App Service.
  • Governance: We believe this transformation is key for our client and we help on those regards by providing the required mechanisms, blueprint and monitorization to push the initiative efficiently and effectively.
  • Coexistence: assuring business continuity is one of our pillars, we have developed a methodology to maximize automation in the operation and validation of legacy and new systems.

To sum up, we present a holistic approach to migrate applications to the cloud, tailored to meet the unique requirements of every business. Contact us for more information and make App Modernization with Azure a successful experience.