Azure Platform Solution - 12 months - Managed Service

Inetum-Realdolmen - Apps & Infra

This Managed Services offering will make sure your Azure envrionment stays in good shape. It's a combination of automation, reactive & proactive services , backed by a highly-specialized customer team

Are you

  • short in resources and expertise for managing your Azure virtual datacenter?

  • missing insight in the spending on your Azure environment?

  • worried about security?

  • stuck in non-flexible managed services offering?

  • looking for a predictable budget for your operational activities?

Then Inetum-Realdolmen's Azure Platform Solution (APS) may be the Managed Services for Azure solution you're looking for.

APS offers

  • monitoring and management, including backup and patching

  • a standardized, yet customizable solution through a Service Reliability Engineering approach

  • knowledge Assurance via fixed highly-specialized customer teams

  • efficient DevOps processes

  • lot of automation and repeatable deployments through Infrastructure-as-Code and runbooks

  • proactive services to continuously optimize your environment

  • insights in your environment

The Azure Platform Solution brings a lot of benefits:

The Business can rely on a secure, reliable and high-performance platform to run their business applications.

Finance benefits from a predictable monthly budget and cost optimization services to keep the Azure consumption cost under control

IT is relieved from managing the Azure platform. Incidents are resolved faster and automation ensures that their service requests are handled quickly and correctly. IT is also assured of a flexible capacity in our customer team

Development teams benefit from working together with our Azure customer (SRE) team and integrating infrastructure deployment in their DevOps processes