Azure Arc Discovery Workshop

Inetum-Realdolmen - Apps & Infra

In this 3 days workshop you will discover the value of Azure Arc for your hybrid datacenter management

In the new world where organizations run servers, containers, and applications across multi-cloud environments, on-premises locations, and the edge, managing these hybrid resources becomes challenging. Azure Arc is a set of technologies that extends Azure management and enables Azure services to run across on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge. The Azure control plane is used as single pane of glass for the hybrid environment.

Do you want to discover the value that Azure Arc can bring for your situation? During our 3-days Azure Arc Discovery workshop, our experienced consultants will inform and inspire you about the Azure Arc capabilities, zoom in on those features that bring real value for your environment and proof the value with a series of Proof-of-Concepts.

Amongst others, we will cover following capabilities:

  1. How to manage your entire environment, with a single pane of glass, by projecting your existing non-Azure, on-premises, or other-cloud resources into Azure Resource Manager.

  2. How to manage virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, and databases as if they are running in Azure.

  3. How to continue using traditional ITOps tooling, while introducing DevOps practices to support new cloud native patterns in your environment.

  4. How to use familiar Azure services and management capabilities, regardless of where the resources live: we will cover Azure management groups and tags, Azure Policy, Update Management, Azure Monitor, Azure Defender, ...

The schedule for the engagement is as follows:

  1. Day 1 (4h) : Kickoff Workshop: we give a high-level overview of the capabilities of Azure Arc. We agree on the scope for the workshop by defining the topics we will focus on.

  2. Day 2-3 (16h): Workshop Delivery: we zoom in on the topics selected during the kick-off workshop and set up several Proof-of-Concepts to evaluate the potential of Azure Arc for your situation.

  3. Day 4 (4h): Closing workshop to draw conclusions and define possible next steps.