Managed Cloud Virtual Desktop | 4 days PoC

Inetum-Realdolmen - Apps & Infra

Try your managed virtual desktop with the 4 days PoC formula, for 15 users. Start with 1 LOB application and the Office suite and finalize with a lessons-learned workshop to support your choise.

Your managed virtual desktop experience, ready in minutes! Offered by Windows Virtual Desktop | Microsoft Azure.

Seeing is believing? No problem. We have developed a Proof-of-Concept formula for this: ● in 4 days we set up a Windows Virtual Desktop (Microsoft Azure) environment ● for 15 users, ● with one line-of-business application and the Office suite. ● With the use of policies, we tailor this environment to your needs and also set up the monitoring. ● You are then given time to test the environment, after which we will implement a number of optimizations based on your findings. ● We conclude with a 'lessons-learned' workshop in which we openly evaluate what was good, what could be better and what must be improved, before you can really make a choice for WVD.