Well Architected Service: 5-Days Assessment

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We keep your Azure Advisor score above the agreed target level

An Azure environment is inherently very dynamic: Microsoft is constantly launching new services, features, and service updates. Developers and IT Pros are keen to take advantage of new opportunities in their quest to generate as much value for the business as possible. This dynamic nature brings an extra challenge: how to keep the environment under control?

The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF) provides technical guidance specifically at the workload level across following five pillars: cost, security, reliability, performance and operational efficiency. Of course, a WAF review is a good starting point to identify opportunities for improvement. However, due to the ever-evolving nature of your Azure environment, a WAF review and remediation should be done on a ongoing basis. That’s why we developed our Managed Well Architected Service: with our Managed Well Architected Service, we will monitor your Azure Advisor score, and take action to keep your Azure Advisor score above a level we have agreed upon.

Azure Advisor score, as the name suggests, provides a score for the WAF compliancy of your Azure environment. Next to an overall score, it gives you a score by Azure WAF category: cost, security, reliability, operational excellence, and performance. This service is backed by an SLA, being the overall Azure Advisor score, and/or Azure Advisor score by category.

These are the steps in this engagement:

  1. WAF Review: we review your environment and create a remediation plan.
  2. Remediation: the findings of the review are discussed and remediated
  3. We agree on the target Azure Advisor score and/or Azure Advisor score per category and start monitoring the Azure Advisor score. As soon as your score threatens to fall below the agreed target score, we take immediate action to keep your Azure Advisor score at the desired level.

We report monthly on the remediation work done and the impact on the Azure Advisor score.