Implementation : AS2 and EDIFACT EDI Integration using Azure Logic Apps


Implement, Test and support business-to-business (B2B) integration solutions using Azure Logic Apps and AS2

Architect, Implement and Manage AS2 EDI integration for Businesses using Azure Logic apps and AS2 Connector. The connector provides actions that you can use to send and receive AS2 messages and to perform other AS2-related operations.

Deliver specific requirements of your organization and your trading partners. implement security measures, such as digital signatures and encryption, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the messages. Additionally, assess and advise any performance requirements when designing your integration solution.

Using Azure Logic Apps to implement AS2 and EDIFACT messaging provides a flexible and scalable platform for exchanging data with trading partners.

By following best practices and considering your specific requirements and constraints, we design a solution that meets the needs of your organization and enables you to exchange messages with your trading partners in a secure and efficient manner.

EDI system implementation Services:

  • Assess your B2B EDI requirements for AS2 and EDIFACT
  • Identify your EDI trading partners requirements and Architect Cloud solution with Microsoft Azure
  • Plan the EDI implementation
  • Test and validate the EDI system
  • Monitor and maintain the EDI system

Following the best practices and guidelines for deploying and managing Azure Logic Apps with the AS2 Connector, ensure the security and reliability of your data exchange over the Internet.

  • Send AS2 Message: Sends an AS2 message to a specified AS2 endpoint.

  • Receive AS2 Message: Receives an AS2 message from a specified AS2 endpoint.

  • Decode MIME: Decodes a MIME message into its individual components.

A well-planned and executed EDI system with INFOC implementation services helps your organization achieve significant benefits, including improved data accuracy, reduced processing time, and enhanced data security. By following these steps and considering the specific requirements of your organization, you can design and implement an EDI system that meets your needs and enables you to exchange data with your trading partners in a secure and efficient manner.