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SAP to Azure Migration: 1-Hour Briefing


The following 1-hour online briefing can help you understand the key benefits and challenges of SAP to Azure Migration and choose the best cloud solution for your business.

By the end of this briefing, you will have a clear picture on how to migrate your SAP systems from on-premises to the Microsoft Azure platform.


  • The advantages of using the Microsoft cloud platform, benefits of utilizing SAP with Azure
  • The best ways to build SAP landscape on Microsoft cloud platform
  • The best options for implementing and deploying your complex SAP solution to Azure


  • General overview and advantages of the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Capabilities of Azure to deploy SAP landscape
  • Overview of SAP on Azure references/business cases
  • Overview of common usage scenarios
  • Methods for implementing SAP on Azure architecture
  • General overview and discussion of the migration scenarios for your complex SAP solution to Azure


  • Benefits and advantages of Microsoft Azure Platform
  • SAP on Azure managed services
  • The best usage scenarios and migration strategies