SAP to Azure Migration: 1-Hour Briefing


Infopulse, as a Microsoft partner with the SAP on Azure advanced specialization, during 1-hour online briefing can help you understand the key benefits and challenges of SAP to Azure Migration.
By the end of this briefing, you will have a clear picture on how to migrate your SAP systems from on-premises to the Microsoft Azure platform. ### WHAT YOU'LL LEARN * The advantages of using the Microsoft cloud platform, benefits of utilizing SAP with Azure * The best ways to build SAP landscape on Microsoft cloud platform * The best options for implementing and deploying your complex SAP solution to Azure ### AGENDA * General overview and advantages of the Microsoft Azure platform * Capabilities of Azure to deploy SAP landscape * Overview of SAP on Azure references/business cases * Overview of common usage scenarios * Methods for implementing SAP on Azure architecture * General overview and discussion of the migration scenarios for your complex SAP solution to Azure ### DELIVERABLES * Benefits and advantages of Microsoft Azure Platform * SAP on Azure managed services * The best usage scenarios and migration strategies **Customer Story** Top Ukrainian pharma moves SAP to Azure to boost productivity and save costs. Our SAP to Azure Migration: 1-Hour Briefing is available Globally. **For more information visit:**