Blockchain Induction: 2-Hour Workshop


With this 2-hour workshop, Infopulse helps enterprises identify their blockchain strategy.

In case you already know what exactly you need from blockchain, we will present our relevant expertise, discuss your business needs and provide options for further consideration.

If you want to leverage blockchain for improved transparency but don’t know the right place, we’ll analyze your business challenges and give advice on the best areas where blockchain may be applied. If blockchain doesn’t’ work well in your case, we will recommend other technologies that are more suitable for your project.

Our experts have a strong background in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Private, and Hyperledger Fabric. Moreover, our team has worked with many other blockchain frameworks and even developed one of them.


During this meeting, our team will:

  • Discuss your business needs and determine your business issues.
  • Present the relevant blockchain application case studies.
  • Examine your ideas to ensure that blockchain perfectly fits your business goals.
  • Explain the pitfalls and limitations that affect your go/no-go decision.
  • Assist you in creating a better vision of blockchain application options, and outline your project’s development course.


As a result, you will receive:

  • A high-level vision of the architecture utilizing either on-premise or your existing Azure infrastructure.
  • Understanding of how Azure can be used for the fast blockchain network prototyping or setting up the Enterprise-level permissioned infrastructure using the Azure templates for the most popular blockchain networks (Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda).
  • Best possible options for the delivery strategy.
  • Full understanding of the limitations and pitfalls that may occur.

Our Blockchain Induction: 2-Hour Workshop is available Globally.

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