Data Center IaaS Migration: 4-Week Implementation


Seamless migration of your data centers to Azure will unlock new capabilities thanks to faster processing, simpler management, and flexible configuration.
Infopulse, as a Microsoft partner with the Windows Server & SQL Server Migration to Azure and the Linux & Open Source Databases Migration to Azure advanced specializations, has the expertise to enable smooth, the hassle-free transition of all your assets to the cloud. ### To succeed in customers' data center migration to Azure, we rely on the following * Gathering the requirements of the on-premises infrastructure. * Architecture session with the customer experts to discuss and to create the optimal architecture in Azure. * Automation for the migration process. * Creating new or modifying the existing infrastructure in Azure. * Migration of all chosen objects to the Azure infrastructure. * Optimization of the Azure infrastructure. ### Deliverables * Planning the project of the migration for infrastructures of different sizes and processing the project to succeed in any type of migration. * Gathering requirements from the various sources and customer's experts to get a comprehensive list of objects that need to be migrated. * Providing architecture sessions with experts (from the customer and vendors’ sides) to achieve best-optimized architecture based on Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. * Creating comprehensive architecture documentation. * Creating scripts and other opportunities to automate part of the migration process to optimize the timeline and other resources in the project. * Creating/modifying the Azure infrastructure based on the confirmed architecture. * Migration of on-premises Windows and Linux VM to Azure VMs. * Control/support/migration of objects to the Azure infrastructure in conjunction with customer's expert teams. * Consultancy on the future optimization in the Azure infrastructure within or after the migration process. **Note: the estimated price covers up to 10 virtual machines.** Our Data Center IaaS Migration: 4-Week Implementation is available Globally. **For more information visit:**