Azure Data-Driven Scan - 10d - Assessment

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Explore the oppertunities and added business value of implementing a modern data estate solution based on the Azure Data Platform

Moving to the Azure Dataplatform based on business value

Data-Driven When a company employs a “data-driven” approach, it means it makes strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation Challenges Critical obstacles must be overcome before companies begin to see meaningful benefits from their big data and AI investments. Perhaps the pursuit of short-term financial goals pushes longer-term objectives like data-driven cultures to the back burner. Be ready for the AI revolution Before diving into data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, it's the duty of organizational leaders to make sure they are ready for AI. To derive value from data to build a better organization, you’ve got to have the right data platform, the right people, the right processes and – more importantly – the right mindset in place. Data-Driven Scan in 5 steps To identify the challenges of your organizations and to determine the business goals to improve data-driven maturity, we use a 5 step plan.

  1. Maturity Assessment & Goals
  2. Workshops & Scans
  3. Interviews
  4. Blue Prints & Feedback
  5. Presentations & Roadmap