Infosys Cloud Security Services: 9 Week Assessment

Infosys Limited

Provide security and maturity assessment, secure architecture and design, implementation of security controls, monitoring, management, and operations of Azure environment.

Infosys and Microsoft Azure partnership can provide the right and required Azure security capabilities that will help customers not only accelerate their digitization and cloud journey but also manage their cyber security risks and improve the overall security posture of the environment.

Infosys’ experienced Cloud Security architects help in delivering enterprisewide cloud security strategies, designing secure cloud architectures and implementing appropriate cloud architecture governance. Infosys will assess all aspects of your cloud deployment and highlight security risks. We will assist with security improvements in the architecture, design cloud services, and perform thorough testing to provide the level of assurance you need.

Some of our Azure Cloud Security Services are: • Cloud security architecture and design • Cloud security reference architecture and blueprints hybrid controls analysis, design, and deliver • Security engineering and testing • Active cyber defense and compliance management • Azure Sentinel based fully managed security operations • Cyber resilience and incident response

Infosys Cloud Security consultants will help you in the following ways to define and build the right security Azure architecture so as to meet your business objective and safeguard your data

  1. Manage Risk- Manage and reduce risks across Azure and hybrid environment to run the business and enable digital journey at scale
  2. Protect Critical Asset- Deploy the right controls required to protect critical information and asset across Azure and hybrid environment
  3. Optimize- Deliver flexible and adaptive security solutions for securing the Azure environment through a simple engagement model with commercial flexibility to streamline the cost of cloud security and operations
  4. Visibility and compliance- Provide holistic visibility into your complete asset and environment through collaboration, automation, and tools with business partners and IT stakeholders within the organization.