Deploy an Azure-Landing Zone. 2-Days implementation.

Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH

One-Click-CAF delivers the values of Azure Cloud infrastructure faster to enterprises by automatically deploying an Azure Landing Zone in less than 60 minutes. Brought to you by Ingram Micro Germany.

One-Click CAF developed by Ingram Micro Germany, creates an Azure Landing Zone and leverages Microsoft best practices. We offer you 2 day consulting to deploy an Azure Landing Zone in less than 60 minutes.

The landing zone includes resources, networks and policies. Thus, the deployed Cloud infrastructure is ready to use immediately. We provide you with the best service: During 2 days of consulting, we thoroughly explain and customize One-Click CAF to meet your customers' needs, providing a reliable, secure environment that allows your customers to take full advantage of Azure Cloud infrastructure. One-Click CAF is offered via templates as infrastructure-as-code. After the first deployment at your customer's site, you can purchase the usage rights of One-Click-CAF for further deployments. Alternative you can migrate any of your customers to the cloud with the support of Ingram Micro Germany. The deployed cloud architecture is based on the Cloud Adoption Framework provided and recommended from Microsoft. One-Click-CAF is based on the idea of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) level. As a result, the deployment focuses on a subscription with 4 resource groups that form the basis for management and connectivity for future deployments in separate subscriptions. These future subscriptions are connected to the "landing zone" through peering or endpoints that ensure traffic flow through the NAT gateway or firewall. One-Click-CAF offers 3 size stages for deployment. The smallest size consists of a hub & spoke architecture, a VPN gateway, a NAT gateway and a custom routing table. A policy for Skus and sites goes with it. The medium size stage is a full hub & spoke architecture with a virtual WAN in the middle. The policy includes sites and Skus with an additional security baseline. The largest size stage is a full hub & spoke architecture with a Secure Virtual Hub. All security requirements are met in the deployment directly. A VPN gateway with pre-configured Site-to-Site connection and 2 firewalls (Hub & VNet) and a comprehensive security initiative complete the cloud architecture. One-Click-CAF can be extended, for example to connect the Azure Virtual Desktop, a backup solution or an SAP environment.