Innover 2 Hour Discovery Workshop

Innover INC.

This workshop delivers actionable AI candidates models to implement using Microsoft Azure and generate ~5x ROI within 8 weeks

Are you looking for ways to leverage AI to enhance your business or customer processes?

This workshop is meant to help you do exactly that.

We use a structured model to brainstorm and prioritize candidate AI models relevant to your organization. We rank the AI models on a benefits X complexity matrix. We also surface the technology and data initiatives that will help you not only develop but operationalize your AI insights. This ensures that you can build an actionable roadmap. ​ We have implemented several successful client programs on Microsoft Azure using Microsoft Synapse, Microsoft Data Factory, and Microsoft machine learning platform. During this workshop we will show you how each strategic item covered in the workshop maps to the trifecta of building data pipelines, running the right models, and operationalizing them using cloud capabilities on Azure. We will outline ways to help you expand or adopt Microsoft Azure to realize your AI goals. If you are already an Azure customer, this workshop will serve as a quick and objective evaluation of your Azure usage so you can expand and optimize your adoption.

During the workshop we will begin by brainstorming candidate AI models based on our own inventory of 50+ predefined AIU models and those that your team has already discussed. We will then review businesses processes and data flows in your organization.


  1. Context Setting & Introduction to the Framework
  2. Opportunity Areas Exploration & Benefits Mapping & Scoring
  3. Conceptual Business Process Flow Review
  4. Data Sources Analysis for Data Engineering Complexity
  5. Model feasibility (types, operationalization, accuracy etc.) & Rank Scoring
  6. Refinements & Next steps

See attached workshop offer for more details.

Optional: We can conduct detailed sessions on Microsoft Azure's AI and data engineering platform capabilities presented above in context of organization’s needs.​ Using our implementation services after this workshop is optional.