Azure Migration: 1-Wk Readiness Assessment

Innvolve Solutions B.V.

What does Azure mean for my IT environment? What will such a migration to Azure cost? Can all my servers, databases and applications run on Azure? All questions answered for a fixed fee.

With the Azure Readiness Assessment we help you to complete your 'Azure migration business case'. Together we ensure that you can make a flying start migrating to Azure. We answer questions, transfer knowledge and take you into the world of Azure for a fixed price of € 1549 (excl. VAT).

The Azure Readiness Assessment contains:

  • Interactive workshop: our Azure specialists will work with you in an interactive workshop. We take you into the world of Azure.
  • Clear step-by-step plan: based on the input gathered in the workshop, we then jointly determine the route from IST to SOLL in a clear step-by-step plan.
  • Feasibility analysis: to prevent divestments, we determine as early as possible whether all components are suitable for a migration to Azure.
  • Cost-calculation: we provide insight into the expected Azure running costs (Pay-Per-Use) and we make a calculation for an Azure migration project.
  • Insight into the follow-up process: we explain which steps are required for the complete migration. This includes planning and required competencies.

The Azure Readiness Assessment is an excellent foundation for a successful migration to Azure.

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