Azure Upgrade/Migration: 2-Wk Assessment


A 2-week in-depth review of performance issues and discover how to execute a people-centric, process-driven, and scalable azure migration road-map.

At Inovex, we are a team of forward-thinking collaborators who thrive off challenging projects. We will dig deep to find the root causes of sub-standard performance and mapping out a trajectory to scale and improve business applications.

We help companies big and small accelerate business growth through skillfully built Azure solutions to drive innovation and operational efficiency.

We make the digital transformation process as seamless as possible by designing customized business road-maps and tracking progression metrics through every step of your digital transformation journey.

We will help you by:

  • Investigating business processes and build out tailored-made solutions for your business needs.
  • Auditing and managing the quality of your current business application(s), data organization/quality, software practices.
  • Create innovative strategies to guide your business on the right path to open you up to new revenue streams and opportunities down the line.


Week 1

  • Carry out thorough analysis on current business practices and processes
  • Review existing business applications and deployment strategies
  • Discover existing issues that impact business operations
  • Consult with current stakeholders to discuss existing loopholes and challenges
  • Conduct data quality audits
  • Run tools and scripts to asses issues such as slow response times, low throughput, or any other impact to business operations

Week 2
Prepare detailed audit report that identifies bottlenecks, areas of improvement, and recommendations to improve business processes and increase process/operational efficiency.


A holistic overview of the upgrade or migration process, and a report that includes:

  • Customizations and integrations analysis.
  • Code and data upgrade