Kubernetes Platform on Azure: Proof of Concept

inovex GmbH

Getting Started - Proof of Concept for a Kubernetes based Cloud Platform on Azure (AKS)

Success in the digital world builds on a flexible and reliable infrastructure as well as modern software delivery methods. A low Time-to-Market is crucial for outpacing competitors and making customers happy. inovex enables you to continuously deliver value and robustly operate your applications and services on Azure.

You heard about Kubernetes and / or Platform Engineering and all the possible advantages this may bring to your organization, but you don’t know yet where to start? Together with you, we will create a proof of concept (PoC) of a possible platform with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) based on your business needs.

We also assist you in your journey from brown-field environments. We plan and migrate your current (e.g. on-premise) architecture and workload to Azure. Such as Docker Compose setups, any other containerized or legacy workloads.

The workshop will be structured in three main parts:

Analyze: Together we will discuss and define Use-Cases, assess your business needs and set a goal for the workshop.

Design: Based on the constraints from the first part of the workshop, we then develop a target architecture based on AKS together. We will focus on the technical implementation.

Implement: We will bootstrap the first infrastructure based on best practices together. Our seasoned infrastructure-as-code (IaC) experts will support you to create the platform PoC using modern IaC Tools such as Terraform and Pulumi.

Each of our engineers incorporate several years of experience in building Platforms based on Kubernetes and are eager to support you in building yours.

This workshop can be adapted to your time requirements. However, we recommend at least 2 days of workshop. Contact us for a non-binding offer or further information. The workshop can be held in German or English.

Let’s build the future together. ✨