OpenAI Discovery and Prototyping Bundle

inovex GmbH

Unlock the full potential of your data and know how with the power of Generative AI services. The cost of the Prototyping is set at 15,710€.

Generative AI

The ever-changing landscape of powerful Generative AI models is transforming society and the economy at a rapid pace. Their disruptive potential is (re-)shaping what is possible today, and companies leveraging them effectively will gain a competitive advantage. The Azure OpenAI service and especially the GPT models open up a world of opportunities, enabling you to craft efficient and accurate interactions and solve complex problems.

About inovex

As a project center, we bring together our Cloud Infrastructure, Application Development, and Data Management and Analytics expertise. What makes us stand out is our focus on and passion for research and development – especially in Artificial Intelligence. These core values strongly resonate with the dynamic field of Generative AI, allowing us to navigate its quickly evolving landscape with significant efficacy. In case specialized knowledge is required in specific topics like Data Platforms, AI, UI/UX, IoT, Mobile, and Agile, more than 350 of our experts with first-hand project experience are at your disposal.

Our Offering

Our custom-tailored workshop concept gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of Generative AI while shedding light on its benefits and limitations: Discover existing use cases and how they can be applied to your specific business field. Following that, we jointly develop a prototype that leverages Generative AI to bring value to your company and create new opportunities.

With our comprehensive expertise and integration of cutting-edge Microsoft Azure technologies and services, we deliver custom solutions perfectly aligned with your unique needs.

Customizable components :

  • 1-day Kick-off Workshop: Get an overview of Generative AI, it's potential and limitations, and learn about existing use cases
  • 2-day Hackathon: Take part in hands-on hacking sessions and create small applications
  • 2 weeks of Prototyping: Implement a working prototype and gain insights about value creation

Get in Touch

Contact us today to request a free consultation so that we can gather more information about your particular use cases. On this basis, we will create a customized workshop series to kick-start Generative AI at your company.