Modern Data Warehouse on Azure: 1-Day Workshop

inovex GmbH

Discover the architecture and components of modern Data Warehouse solutions on Azure and integrate your technical and business requirements into your target vision with the help of our experts.

The advancement of technologies poses a great challenge to traditional data warehousing: ever-increasing data volumes, semi-structured and unstructured data formats, and increasing demands on advanced analytics capabilities and processing times. Yet the underlying concept of a consolidated pool of data that is optimized for analysis has not lost any of its crucial importance. The modernization of existing Data Warehouse solutions and implementation of innovative data analytics, integration and management platforms consequently becomes one of the key success factors of an efficient data strategy.

The Modern Data Warehouse unifies traditional data warehousing and big data analytics. It lets you bring together all your data at any scale easily, and provides valuable insights through analytical dashboards, operational reports, or advanced analytics for all your users. In this 1-day workshop, we will tell you more about the components of modern Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions on Azure and demonstrate, how AI and ML use cases can be integrated. We will then help you design your custom-fit solution architecture, and project how it can be leveraged to become a central part in your IT landscape.


  • The Modern Data Warehouse and Enterprise BI reference architectures
  • Data streams, services, and their interaction
  • Identification of your technical and business requirements
  • Designing the architecture of your integration and analysis platform
  • Overall structured approach and next steps

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) inovex supports and covers the entire product lifecycle of your Modern Data Warehouse from earliest vision to production. With the definition and implementation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we confirm the suitability of the proposed solution to your requirements, and thus provide an ideal starting point for the future development of your next generation Modern Data Warehouse.