AI Center of Excellence Accelerator - 10 week imp.


The Insight AI Center of Excellence Accelerator helps organizations leveraging Microsoft Azure identify the key people, processes and tools necessary to accelerate Data and AI value and achieve repeat

Our Accelerator program identifies, customizes and hardens workflows, communications and patterns in the client’s Azure environment to repeatedly deliver high-value AI at velocity. We work with organizations to implement AI solutions to support migration and modernization for SQL, MPP and big data projects.

BENEFITS • Improved understanding of how to leverage AI within Microsoft Azure • AI solutions to support data migration and modernization • A customized roadmap to repeatedly deliver high-value AI


  • Ideation & envisioning: We’ll begin by exploring the power of an AI Center of Excellence and align its capabilities with your business opportunities. Together, we’ll shape one to three cases for Proof of Concept (PoC) implementation.

  • Rapid PoC: During the session, we’ll roll up our sleeves and iteratively deliver on the cases envisioned on the first day of our workshop — and consistently refine our delivery and direction with your business, IT and leadership stakeholders. At the end, you’ll receive code and artifacts, as well as one to three demo-ready AI Center of Excellence solutions deployed.

  • Visualization & readout: On the final day, we’ll drive executive and technical readouts to facilitate PoC understanding and knowledge transfer covering demos, implementation, value assessments and future opportunities. You’ll be equipped to demonstrate value to your business, IT and leadership stakeholders and identify next steps for your AI Center of Excellence journey.

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