Azure Disaster Recovery : 4 week Proof of Concept


The Azure Disaster Recovery Proof of Concept helps you validate your ability to implement a cloud DR strategy by testing a solution using a single application.

Business continuity has always been a top priority for IT organizations. It is even more critical in today’s competitive business climate. Fail to get back online and productive quickly after an incident and you risk losing market share to your competitors. With a cloud-based strategy, you can increase the speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness of your disaster recovery (DR) processes.

The Azure Disaster Recovery Proof of Concept is a real-world demonstration of how your organization can capitalize on the Microsoft® Azure® public cloud to host your DR capabilities. It provides your team with an understanding of the architecture and function of an Azure-based solution, and how it can provide operational resiliency in the event of an adverse event.

The Azure Disaster Recovery Proof of Concept takes place in four stages: Analysis and planning; design and build; and testing, deployment, and management. This engagement will leave your organization with two important results:

• Server migration, including successful migration of up to five Windows® servers to Azure in the timeframe allowed. • A migration process guide describing the high-level steps involved in replicating Windows servers from an on-premises VMware solution to the Azure cloud, and also presenting the architectural diagram of the solution.