Azure Guardian - 12 month implementation


Visibility and governance of your cloud estate and total spend

Public cloud is an enabler for organisational agility and flexibility to meet the increasingly rapid demands of an organisation to innovate and stay competitive. However, the pace at which a business moves, invariably means that operational governance is often overlooked or difficult to manage, leaving the enterprise open to vulnerabilities. Spiralling costs and cloud usage that is not fit-for-purpose is commonplace.

The complexity associated with managing Azure platform costs and the myriad of services and consumption options available for existing footprint, leaves significant opportunity to remediate inefficiencies and budget challenges. Proper governance and controls tailored to meet the needs of your organisation should be part of any good cloud strategy. It ultimately gives IT leaders a peace of mind for planning budgets.

How we help

Our technical and commercial experience with Azure will enable you to strike the right balance for a governance model on Azure usage and cost management that still fosters enterprise cloud agility and innovation. As a specialist, yet lightweight service, Azure Guardian leverages GitHub’s Azure Optimisation Engine as the tooling to provide regular reporting on your cloud environment. Insight will provide a regular report to summarise findings on costs and potential remediation activities including:

  • Augmented Advisor Cost recommendations
  • Platform-level resource clean up
  • SQL right-sizing
  • VM right-sizing
  • Reserved Instances
  • Hybrid Use Benefits

Azure Guardian Key Benefits:

Cloud Governance & Cost Optimisation

  • Proactive reporting of Azure tenant and subscriptions.
  • Confidence that Azure consumption is being proactively reviewed and optimised through monthly findings and ongoing assessments.

Confident Azure ownership

  • Assurance that your cloud infrastructure is aligning to best-practices for workload right-sizing and assistance with remediation of findings.

Easy access to Expert Assistance

  • Insight’s Customer Success Manager will engage Insight’s Azure experts, including consultants and architects to deliver the findings and assessments and help you on the road to uplift your cloud maturity in-house, including security and governance.
  • Cost-effective, lightweight Service

  • Minimal oversight and engagement required in this lightweight service as a fast start to uplifting your organisation’s cloud management maturity, for a small price.

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