Azure BC/DR Jumpstart: 5-day Proof of Concept


Get expert help with a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) JumpStart from Insight.

Unexpected downtime and data loss are the worries of every CTO and CIO. The impacts of such events reach far beyond the affected organization and can be costly in terms of dollars, time and resources spent on recovery efforts. Azure® Site Recovery and other tools can help safeguard your organization through any unplanned event or outage. Learn how to protect your IT systems without the expense of secondary infrastructure. A BC/DR JumpStart from Insight provides you with critical skills and a working proof of concept for disaster recovery in Azure.

Insight JumpStarts are on-site, expert-led meetings that educate and execute results. Centered around best practices for cloud and security, JumpStarts familiarize your team with new technology and provide you with a working environment you can begin using right away.

  1. Our Microsoft experts educate your organization on the features and functionality of Azure infrastructure and tools for business continuity.
  2. Through whiteboarding sessions, we design your implementation based on current and future requirements, as well as security best practices.
  3. We build and implement a proof of concept. This includes:
  • Azure backup configuration, with policies for file and folder level back up
  • Azure Site Recovery configuration for failover into Azure
  • Developing processes and documentation to use in further deployments

Your team will leave the JumpStart with a clear strategy for business continuity and disaster recovery, and an actionable roadmap.