Connected Platform Manufacturing: 12 Wk Imp


Leverages Azure and Intel Vision Framework to improve safety, ensure security, and detect manufacturing anomalies. As a secure, centralized hub, it ingests and triggers events from any data source.

During this 12 week implementation service clients will receive:

  • Business alignment conversation: Define business goals, success criteria, stakeholder personas, and review existing IT infrastructure
  • Base deployment: Connecting 1-2 sensors with Connected Platform and Azure and verify functionality * Depth deployment: Connecting additional sensors with Connected Platform and Azure
  • Educate IT staff on service usage and alerting
  • Validate implementation against defined business goals and success criteria

The Insight Connected Platform is an Azure based integrated platform equipped with best-in-class IoT sensors to help factories reduce the time required to put a solution in production, deploy new features, get help configuring solution via wiring and device deployment, while easily integrating with existing systems and devices.

As a part of this service, clients will work with Insight to customize and deploy Insight Connected Platform. We will work with leaders across IT, HR, and other key stakeholders to meet business objectives and success criteria.

Key use cases include:

  • Employee safety: recognize when people or equipment enter danger zones.
  • Security: identify when unauthorized personnel have entered a restricted area
  • Anomaly detection: Detect conditions impacting product quality and equipment maintenance

Benefits & Value to Stakeholders:

  • Reduce the time required to produce solutions
  • Deploy new features faster by building the proper groundwork for IoT
  • Increase safety of employees and visitors
  • Embrace an IoT Solution confidently with expert guidance
  • Easily integrate existing systems and devices