Connected Platform Restaurants & Retail: 12 Wk Imp


Leverages Microsoft Azure to provide a scalable foundation for smart restaurants, food service spaces, and retail establishments. The secure hub ingests and triggers events from any data source.

During this 5 week implementation service clients will receive:

  • Business alignment conversation: Define business goals, success criteria, stakeholder personas, and review existing IT infrastructure
  • Base deployment: Connecting 1-2 sensors with Connected Platform and Azure and verify functionality
  • Depth deployment: Connecting additional sensors with Connected Platform and Azure
  • Educate IT staff on service usage and alerting
  • Validate implementation against defined business goals and success criteria

The Insight Connected Platform is an Azure based integrated platform equipped with best-in-class IoT sensors to help retailers and restaurants maximize inventory and protect food quality, improve customer experience, and correlate data from Point of Sale cameras to reduce shrinkage.

As a part of this service, clients will work with Insight to customize and deploy Insight Connected Platform. We will work with leaders across IT, HR, and other key stakeholders to meet business objectives and success criteria.

Key use cases include:

  • Using temperature and humidity sensors to improve food safety and quality
  • Correlating data from cameras and Point of Sale systems to reduce shrinkage
  • Integrating historical data to improve demand forecasting and right size inventory

Benefits & Value to Stakeholders:

  • Drastically reduce food waste
  • Improve food safety
  • Reduce order entry errors and shrinkage
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Leverage historical data to drive confidence among consumers