Deploying Modern Workloads on Azure 1-day Workshop


In this 1-day workshop, Insight technical experts will help the client quickly ramp up on Azure, Terraform, and GitHub by guiding them through educational content and a series of hands-on labs.

Insight’s Digital Innovation team has deep expertise with GitHub, Terraform and Azure. Take advantage of this expertise as we guide you through the structure of an Azure landing zone, and show you how to write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in Terraform, manage code in GitHub and execute deployment pipelines using GitHub Actions.

This workshop provides hands-on experience with GitHub, Terraform and Azure, applying industry best practices and addressing questions and roadblocks along the way.

What to expect…

CLIENT PREP (before engagement begins) - Identity personnel who will be participating in the workshop - Provide an Azure environment to host deployments during the workshop - Ensure each team member has a free GitHub account and has the latest versions of Git, Terraform, the Azure CLI, and Visual Studio Code installed by each attendee

ENGAGEMENT (1 day) - Educational content on Azure that explains tenants, subscriptions, management groups, resource groups, policies & initiatives, core resources, networking, IaaS, Azure platform services, key management services, and ARM templates - Hands-on lab that explores an Azure landing zone - Educational content on Terraform that explains Terraform CLI, workflows, state, backends, managing Azure resources with Terraform, the Azure RM Provider & service principals, Azure resource lifecycle, and Terraform Cloud versus Enterprise - Hands-on lab on deploying to the Azure landing zone using Terraform code - Educational content on GitHub that explains pushing and pulling code, reviewing pull requests, managing merge conflicts, branching strategies, and DevOps pipelines using GitHub actions - Hands-on lab that explores executing Terraform code from GitHub Actions